Paddling Ke Kai

on Sunday, 26 January 2014.

Hawaiian for The Spirit of the Sea, Ke Kai O'Uhane Outrigger Canoe Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the perpetuation of the ancient art of Hawaiian outrigger canoeing, as well as the history and culture of Hawai'i. Outrigger canoes are a traditional Polynesian craft used for over a thousand years to traverse the vast Pacific Ocean, as well as for fishing and general transportation.

Today they are generally used for pleasure and in racing competitions. We have crews that compete and have competed in races held within the Northern California Outrigger Canoe Association (NCOCA), Southern California Outrigger Racing Association (SCORA), International  Va`a  Federation (formerly known as the International Polynesian Canoe Federation), the  Catalina Challenge, the  Queen Lili'uokalani (Queen’s Race in Kona Hawai`i ) as well as the  Na Pali Challenge, the  Na Wahine O Ke Kai, (Women's race) and the  Moloka'i Hoe (Men's race) - both from Moloka'i to Oahu. Our club was founded in 1984 and we are one of about 20 members in the NCOCA.

Member organizations of the NCOCA host sprint and long distance races throughout Northern California. See our schedule for race locations and dates. Ke Kai encourages all age groups to participate. Our paddlers range in age from 6 to 70. We are proud to have families paddle that include grandparents down to their own grandchildren. It is not uncommon to see 3 generations of one family, participating in Ke Kai O’Uhane activities.

International Va'a Federation World Championships
Tue Jun 27 @ 7:00AM - 05:00PM
Men's & Keiki's Sprint / Long Distance Practice
Tue Jun 27 @ 5:30PM - 07:30PM
Women's Practice
Wed Jun 28 @ 5:30PM - 07:30PM
Men's Sprint / Long Distance Practice
Thu Jun 29 @ 5:30PM - 07:30PM
Sprint / Long Distance Practice
Sat Jul 01 @ 7:30AM - 11:00AM
Women's Sprint Practice
Mon Jul 03 @ 5:30PM - 07:30PM
NCOCA Sprint Regatta #4
Sat Jul 08 @ 6:00AM - 05:00PM
NCOCA Sprint Championships
Sat Jul 15 @ 6:00AM - 05:00PM
NCOCA Kilohana Classic Long Distance Race
Sat Jul 29 @ 6:00AM - 05:00PM
NCOCA Alcatraz Challenge Long Distance Race
Sat Aug 05 @ 6:00AM - 05:00PM

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