on Saturday, 04 February 2017.


We're all excited to be getting back on the water, so let's get the 2017 season underway with a renewed commitment each other, our Ohana, and outrigger paddling!

With the start of the new year, it’s time to announce our new practice schedule for 2017, as well as the coaching team!

Crews will be set soon—regularly attending practices, a commitment to being coached, capacity in the canoe and possible seat trials (depending on the number of individuals available by division) will be reviewed as part of this process. More details to come.

2017 Coaches and their roles:

  • Uncle Les:  Head Coach

  • Ric: Women’s crews
  • Dale: Assisting Ric with women’s crews; float for others as needed

  • Leah: Novice women

  • Jim: Novice, Open, Master men
  • Alan: Sr. Master men

  • Keanu: Float for others as needed
  • Lisa P.: float for women as needed
  • Michael: Keiki sprints
  • Melissa: Keiki sprints to assist Michael
  • Jane: Keiki sprints to assist Michael

  • Nancy and Lisa K. beach support/logistics support w/ keikis for sprints


2017 Practice Schedule:

  • Until day light savings change, distance practices Sat., 7:30 am
  • 1st and 3rd Sunday Rec paddle 8:00 am

  • After March 12th:
    • Monday and Wednesday 5:30 pm: All women’s crews

    • Wednesday 6:00/6:30 am: select OC-6 crew  (by Ric’s invitation for training)

    • Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 pm: All men’s crews

    • Tuesdays 5:30 pm: Keiki sprints
      • Time may go earlier pending coaches availability and once keikis are out of school
      • Will add Thursdays 5:30 pm once school is out

  • Saturdays: 7:30 am for distance; sprints at 9:00 am
    • NB: distance may start earlier after 3/12 for additional water time


Don’t forget to complete your 2017 waivers (online—see the email sent out yesterday!) BEFORE arriving for Sat’s practice, and remember the Feb 9th deadline for online apparel orders for luau.


Thanks so much,


Ke Kai Coaching Team