2018 Executive Board of Directors

on Monday, 01 January 2018.

Presenting the 2018 Executive Board of Directors of Ke Kai O'Uhane Outrigger Canoe Center. Each year, paid Ke Kai members vote for positions on the Executive Board of Directors during the end-of-the-year Quarterly Meeting. Results from the voting held at the end-of-the-year Quarterly Meeting for 2017 are as follows:

Congratulations to Lance Blanchard who was elected as Vice President, Joyce who was re-elected for another term as Treasurer, and James who was re-elected as Sergeant-at-arms.

Congratulations also go out to Steve for being relected Hula Representative, Jane Holt who was re-elected as Paddle Representative and Adam Pinterits for being elected as a Paddle Representative.

Minutes for the quarterly meetings will be posted in the Ohana page shortly.

To contact the Board, you can to either of the following: Email the specific Board Member directly, Email the entire Board of Directors at board@ kekaiouhane.org, or Write the club at the address listed at the bottom of this page. We hope to hear from you or see you on the beach!

2018 Executive Board of Directors:

President - president@ kekaiouhane.org - Jim Dimke

Vice President - vp@ kekaiouhane.org - Lance Blanchard

Secretary - secretary@ kekaiouhane.org - Leah Gowron

Treasurer- treasurer@ kekaiouhane.org - Joyce Hiura

Sergeant-At-Arms - sergeant-at-arms@ kekaiouhane.org -James La'a

Hula Advocate - hula-advocate@ kekaiouhane.org - Mel Latham

Active Founder: Les Charles

Paddling Representative - paddlerep@ kekaiouhane.org - Adam Pinterits

Paddling Representative - paddlerep@ kekaiouhane.org - Jane Holte

Hula Representative - hularep@ kekaiouhane.org - Steve Ricciardi

Race Clerk - raceclerk@ kekaiouhane.org - Becky Enriquez

Paddling 2018 Coaches - coaches@ kekaiouhane.org:

Head Coach: Les Charles

Long Distance Coordinator: Leah Gowron

Sprint Coordinator: Lisa Kenney

Jim Dimke, Leah Gowron, Dale Kerrigan, James La'a, Michael Largent, Alan Romero, Lisa Phares

Hula Alaka'i - hula@ kekaiouhane.org:

Hula Director: Judy Charles

Marleen Bush, Serena Huerta, Jaydee Joye, Pamela Mendez, Jamie Pilanca, Mel Latham, Heidi Woodward