Ke Kai O’Uhane Outrigger Canoe Center Information

E Alu Pu Ma Ka Hana

We meet to encourage, maintain and perpetuate outrigger canoe racing; to train, instruct and expose children, men and women in the ancient art, craft and history of Hawaiian canoeing and culture; to foster the development and maintenance of strong and healthy minds and bodies.

About Ke Kai O'Uhane

on Saturday, 25 January 2014. Posted in Ke Kai OCC Information

Our first practice and racing canoe was loaned to us by Roy Decoito of Hui Wa’a Outrigger Canoe Club. During our first year as a club, Aunty Arma, then editor of the Cal Hawaiian News, donated an unfi

Why Ke Kai?

on Sunday, 09 February 2014. Posted in Ke Kai OCC Information

Founded in October of 1984, Ke Kai O’Uhane's goal is to establish a cultural, family recreational activity in the Monterey Bay area that would perpetuate Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing and the Hawaii